Beer Life

--- Jorden Foss ---

Beer Life is a podcast chatting with the folks behind the beer in this collaborative and distinctly unique business. Jorden Foss, co-owner and operator of Steel & Oak Brewing Co. in New Westminster, British Columbia, hosts lively discussions exploring why people get into this industry in the first place, the trials and tribulations of running a brewery day to day, where beer has come from and where it might be going. Beer industry folks and fans alike will enjoy the candid, honest conversations about the everyday realities of living a Beer Life.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 14 - Eric Moutal from Steel & Oak

    In the fourteenth episode of Beer Life we talk with the our own brewer and the most interesting man in BC beer, Eric Moutal. We talk about all the odd jobs he's had from operating a tannery in Zambia, working at Persian rug store in Melbourne, and now the oddest ...


  2. Ep. 13 - Matt Leslie from Vessel Packaging

    In the thirteenth episode of Beer Life we talk with the tallest man in BC Beer, Matt Leslie from Vessel Packaging. Jorden and Matt talk about his rebrand from West Coast Canning to Vessel, long drive competitions, and his Top 30 Under 30 nomination. ...


  3. Ep. 12 - Ben Love from Gigantic Brewing

    In the twelfth episode of Beer Life we talk with Ben Love from Gigantic Brewing Co. Jorden and Ben talk about what makes Portland different from Vancouver, discuss the exciting world of distrobution, and the pros and cons of Oyster Stout. ...


  4. Ep. 11 - Amanda Barry Butchart from BC Beer Awards

    In the eleventh episode of Beer Life we talk with Amanda Barry Butchart from BC Beer Awards. Jorden and Amanda talk about the best way to combat a hangover, the challenges of running an awards based event, and how many entries made it into this years competition. ...


  5. Ep. 10 - Adam Henderson from Superflux Beer Company

    In the tenth episode of Beer Life we talk with Adam Henderson of Superflux Beer Company. Jorden and Adam talk about his start with Machine Ales and how it morphed into Superflux along with his partner Matt. They will also discuss the not so new anymore Instagram account @bcbeermemes and ...